How to see the full "expected output"?

I can’t upload image. Damn

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand the quest by words

So, I decide to read the input and output.

But the example is always too small and simple to fully understand the requirement.

And I decide to read the expected output of each testing.

But the problem is that it will automatically stop running once it detected a wrong output.

So how can I understand the question by looking at the expected output while it will never show the whole expected output?

Can I change the settings so that it will show up the whole expected output no matter what?

Or is there any places I can read the whole input & expected output of the question? Because the example is not always enough.

or it’s made in this way on purpose?


Go to Settings, then make sure you have Expert Mode selected.

With that turned on you can click the Show Test Cases button in the upper-right of the Test Cases pane and see the inputs and expected outputs.

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