How to start Certification tests

Hi everyone,

I am feeling a bit stupid now. Somehow last week I found the possibility to do certification tests on Codingame. I stored the page for Python, did the certificate and then…well I am not able to find the route I went to get there. I would like to do other certificates as well, but I am unable to reach the page. I thought I had done it from my profile though. I can see my python certificate but nothing more.

Can you please help me finding the landing page for tests?

Additional question about certificates. I see the python certificate as “Programming Languages: Python 3 100%”, but the Certification section only contains: “No certifications unlocked yet”.

So how will I get something in the upper certification section then?

Many thanks for the help.

My guess is that you have to solve at least one puzzle in a programming language before you are able to see it in your profile page and take the certification test :thinking:

The certification section refers to those in the quest map (Algorithms, Coding speed, etc), not the programming language ones:


ah haha. I never care about the quest map until now. And I am active since some time already. Luckily I could click through and really got a certificate from the board.
Ok, then let me check if I can solve a puzzle in Groovy to get another programming skill test. Thanks for that.

Both informaion were totally correct. Thank you very much.