How to use 'Get a Job' properly?

Hi, I’d like to try your ‘Get a Job’ feature. Could you please tell me how to do it properly?

  1. I’d rather prefer to look for a job worldwide, and NOT in my country. What should I write in the ‘Find me a Job Around’ field?

  2. I’m too lazy to calculate how many Belarusian rubles are in a US dollar, and I would prefer to make dollars/euros instead of rubles anyway. How can I change my currency?

  3. Could you please tell me what information does your search uses from my account? Does it use some statistics, like level or multiplayer rating? If so, can I disable or enable it somehow?

  4. Are there any jobs suitable for junior-level devs in your network? I don’t want to see senior/lead/expert openings as a result of a search, and your Get a Job form does not reflect experience in any way.

  1. You can’t do a global search. You need to specify some countries at least.

  2. The currency follows the first location you input. (not obvious indeed)

  3. The match-making does not use any information from your activity on CodinGame, only the details you input in this form. In case of a match, your level is shown to the recruiter.

  4. There should be some. I know one of the pain points of recruiters is finding more senior-level profiles. The form does reflect experience as it asks for your experience in nb of years (and more indirectly through the expected salary)

I hope it helps!

Just wondering: Considering the past year, wouldn’t it be pertinent to add a “full remote” choice or something for the location?

We considered it but decided otherwise as only a few recruiters were looking for remote workers so far.

Thank you CG_Thibaud, your answer is appreciated and helpful!