I am the dumbest at Coding... Can you help me?

I really like this websites concept of gaming to learn to code.
However, I do not understand the basics in order to create the correct sequence.

It is like trying to read Chinese with no prior knowledge.

Are there any tutorial videos on twitch,vimeo or youtube explaining how to get started learning?

I’m not sure the concept here is gaming to “learn” to code

It’s more on “improve” than “learn”, you have to know the basis for at least one language (variables, conditions, loops, arrays, strings…).


Codingame is more like a place to practice skills that you already possess and extend them into areas you might not have been exposed to before. If you don’t already have a grip on the basics, you’ll struggle.

There’s a multitude of places to learn those basics online, many of them for free. Here’s a sampling:

I’ve used Codecademy and would recommend it. And StackOverflow is the Wikipedia of code debugging. Pick a language and run with it. When you think you’re ready, go to Puzzles and try Onboarding.

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I “learned” using some online tutorials, the website here helped me to use this theoritical knowledge. I do not have a particular one to recommend (I did them in french) but the base idea would be to pick a language and learn the bases of it.

There is no language “better” than another, but some might be a bit easier to learn. My recommendation would be C# or Java. Python is also an option, though (it’s a personnal opinion) it is very permissive and you could miss some concepts learning it.

Have fun :wink:

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Many good things said and some resources provided.
What I would actually propose is to find another one or group of people who’d like to learn too and compete with them is this (programming) and sharing knowledge gained with each other. Smell of rivalry can make learning interesting and fast.

I found it very hard to find people who will to learn, I was lucky that I finally learned basics of programming using python because it’s language for people not computers… I still can’t read and write something with lot of text like java, C#

This is arguable, since C# and Java are also very… people oriented (thus also good to learn programming, much more than C or C++ who are very “close” to the machine)