IDE error - Language client couldn't create connection to server

This error appear when I’m on the IDE (i can do want I want on the IDE, but this error popup endlessly)

image of the error link :


I’m having the same problem… Sometimes it stops for a while but then the error starts to pop up again

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Exactly same!

What language are you using?

It’s written “python” on the error message he sent, i guess it is that

By the way, since end of last week, i get a similar popping error message of disconnection, didn’t check if it talked about python, but i use mostly C++.

Are you in special conditions? Like behind a company firewall? with blocking extensions? I’d like to know the exact error you are facing (is there a more detailed error in the console?)

I’ll send you when it will come back, but i had the error happening at different places and connection types.

If I click the “go to output” button it gives:

[Error - 7:06:14 AM] Language server shutdown; reason: CONTAINER_TERMINATED
[Error - 7:06:35 AM] CodinGame cpp Language Client client: couldn’t create connection to server.
openConnection@ out some stuff here)

Request put on waiting list
Starting LSP server…
Using prepared container
Container ready
[Error - 7:07:22 AM] Stopping server timed out

I am getting same error. What should I do?