IDE not allowing manual indentation

This has been extremely frustrating. Every time I go to create a function, or a for loop in something and go to indent the line within all it does is tab the cursor over, but when I go to type, everything is left aligned. I can’t even go back after and highlight the line then hit tab to indent it, all it does is append the tab to the end, and not move the line at all.

I understand if this happens for the pre-existing code of a problem because it’s probably mandatory to the solution, but not on your own code. Is this a bug? Are my settings wrong?

EDIT: I should also mention this was for C++, though when I tried C# it had some decent auto indenting but wouldn’t let me manually indent either

Auto indent perfectly works for me, and I’m free to manually indent like I want.
In the parameters, left side, are you in the classic edition mode ?

Yeah I’m using classic, and I even tried the other modes to fix it but no luck. I’ve also tried toggling auto close strings and brackets on and off and still no luck.

That’s strange… What browser do you use ? Don’t you have any extensions that can modify the ide’s comportment ?

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In fact, the indentations created by opening a new line with automatic indentation are not made of simple spaces, it seems that they are tabulations instead.

Weird it’s working now. I did turn off one of my extensions then refreshed the page and it worked. I’ve had that extension on for a while, I’m surprised the issue hasn’t come up before. The extension was AutoCardAnywhere which does read text on the page to look for card names from various card games and lets you hover over it to see the details of that card and price lol

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I am having this same issue if settings edit-mode = EMACS. unable to use <tab> increase indentation, although <shift>+<tab> works to reduce indentation.

edit-mode=CLASSIC doesn’t have this issue.