I'm a newbie and I need help

I just started on C# and I’m trying really hard to learn the logics and what every code line does, but I can’t! every puzzle is harder to understand than the other, like, what does “private void()” or something like that, means? I have no idea! Can someone help me? I don’t know a thing. zero. plese help.

Hi DeltaRise,

When you say you have started on C#, what have you done so far? I have found CodingGame to be a great place to build and expand on what you know.

I’m trying Sololearn now to learn the basics, but let’s just say I know nothing, to be simpler. I tried clash of code agai today, and now I understand some stuff, some commands, and i even managed get my first test out of 8 right. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great start, I think. The problem is, where did YOU learn the basics of C# that I couldn’t find to learn at least the basics?!?!

Ummm. I am old. I learned by reading things like Family Compute magazine and some books from the library. I think those were nonoptimal compared to todays resources.

I don’t often do Clash of Code, but I just did one, and I did not understand what the challenge was asking. That may have been a fluke, but here is what I would recommend to a friend trying to learn c#.

Identify challenges in CodingGame like Mars Lander episode 1. One reason is that the challenge is limited using one structure - If statements (conditionals). Use a site like W3Schools to learn the syntax of If statements then try to apply that to your challenge. This is the part that might seem weird. Come back in a couple of hours, reset the code and try it again. If you can wait a day or two and still solve the problem without looking at other resources, you can move on to another topic in CodingGame.

I have some videos on YouTube showing how to break the problem down and build a flowchart. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoy1f7jarhLgPzVso2YYIrQ

There are certainly other ways to learn and I know a lot of folks love Clash of Code. Let me know how this works for you.

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Why have you decided to learn C# of all the programming languages?

General advice is go to YouTube and search for
C# basics
C# for beginners

You can also do the clash of your choice with no time limit at

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