I'm new to programming, can the games here teach me how to code?

I know nothing about coding, can the games here teach me the basics of coding? I’m interested in learning python.

Practising the puzzles will help you learn how to code.

You may read the FIRST post here to get an initial idea: https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/faq-really-frequently-asked-questions/

Then you may try some of these easy puzzles: https://www.codingame.com/training/easy

I would recommend you to try out Onboarding, The Descent, and Power of Thor first. If you have further questions, you may check out the relevant puzzle discussion posts in this forum.

So I take it I need some understanding of programming to play these games?

Yes that’s right.

Do you know any websites that have games or teach you the basics of programming in general?

If you search “learn python” in google the search results will show some choices for you.

Better in tech.io

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Maybe too advanced for Darunia.