Implementing custom JS into WordPress based Project

Hi, I am just starting out with JavaScript and I wish to use a custom code into a WordPress based website. I have a promo code generator idea which requires some functions to generate alphanumeric codes. Anyone knows what can I do? I couldn’t find any relevant WP plugin for it.




On second thought:

I think there is not plugin out there for this. You have to embed the Javascript code at the required area if you know some basic coding.

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I am sorry, I didn’t get you.

Fix your CSB

I don’t know what CSB means…

You need to learn to take a hint.

You are here on codingame. This is a bot game website. If you want general help with websites fine, but you asked for help of a specific website, go and ask their customer support or play coders strike back, see the game i linked you earlier.

Here’s the link again:

Oh and my guess is you have a regular wordpress account and their site doesn’t allow you custom scripts unless you pay.

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Oh, I am so sorry.