In-game tooltip message

Hello guys,
I’m doing the Fall Challenge 2023 (which is fun, not gonna lie) and I notice that the default IA, and some top players, have some debug message, directly in the game windows, next to the entities that run the commands (drones in this case).

My questions are the following:
How can I do that easily in C# ? And is it available in all the languages ?

I’ve try to use check similar post in the forum but couldn’t find an answer.
By the way, I’m currently using C# for this challenge but I will change for others challenges. So knowing the answer of the second question can be useful.

Thanks in advance and have a nice holiday season,

Append a space char and your debug message to the output string. Works the same in all the languages.

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Indeed! I just had to open my eyes and check the standard output stream of the default IA to see exactly what you told me:

<instruction> <x> <y> <light> <message-here>

Thank you for your help and merry christmas !

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