Insufficient resolution

Hello everybody,
I have spent the last 10 minutes to enter a coding game, read “a higher resolution is needed to enter the IDE”, and to come back to the list.
No chance, right ?
I have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 : it is not a multimedia oriented machine, but I presume there is possibility to code with it. By the way I spent the whole Sunday on coding clashes. Oh, perhaps that is the point ? Games need a higher resolution, not clashes ?
If it is finer than that, perhaps there is a possibility to propose a filter on the list ?

(I thought I had lost what I typed after refreshing the page, as that sent me to the main page of the forum. And, I found a very discreet button that opened the writing window again, with my text in it. Well, just a little gray button with nothing on it … ; by the way, if an error arises, it would be a good idea to place an error message near the button. I restarted my browser, but the problem was I did not write a title, and I zoomed too much to see that. In this case, the button was “Create new topic”.)

I just reduced my resolution for testing, I could even enter the IDE with 640x480 (but the IDE is unusable, testcases cover all the screen). It’s looking fine with 1024x768.

Maybe try incognito mode (that should disable your addons)?

Oh, that is interesting.
But you know, I changed nothing to my configuration, since yesterday when I practiced tens of code clashes. I just restarted my machine as it begun to be slow, but that is all. This is why I thought it was the server.
So, you do not think so ?
Well, I shall put some URLs where I could not access the IDE.
Perhaps I should put some screen copies, I host that on ?
I am going to wait a few hours before that, because of other things to do.

About incognito mode, I understood not being authenticated, but I realize it is not probable this is what you meant.
There is a mode of Firefox with no extension, that is named “no fail” if I am right ? I presume this is not what you name incognito mode.

Good news : the IDE is functional again.

Oh, except there :

Different topic :
I displayed the picture from here (contextual menu, display the image.) It seems it was not a too good idea : when coming back with the browser history, I obtained a 404 error (not found), under the CodinGame toolbar.

The refresh command of the browser sent me back to the home page of the forum and then I could come back here after clicking on my user picture (avatar ?) and the title of the thread.

I have a lot of trouble understanding what issues you encounter. Could you please tell exactly what’s happening and maybe add a screenshot?

OK I look at that tonight.
But perhaps you could precise what step you do not understand ?

  • right click on the picture
  • command “display picture”
  • go back in the history of the browser

Oh, except I tried it now, and it did not do it again.
So, either somebody corrected the problem, or … perhaps there were transmission problems ?
So, probably we can close this parenthese, thanks.
If you like I erase the question for more readability of the thread ?

I think most likely the culprit is a mobile browser:
If I open a puzzle page with Chrome on my mobile phone (or alternatively switch to a device view in the DevTools with Chrome on my desktop) i get also get “A higher resolution is required to access the IDE” instead of the “Solve it” button.
On my mobile i just have to check “Desktopsite” and i could access the IDE.

So the responsive design of Codingame decides if you can/cannot access the IDE on some flags mobile browsers send, and the device resolution itself is not really the issue.

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Well, my browser is Firefox 66.0.2, on Windows 10 64 bits 1809
It is installed for all users of the machine.
In case it helps, it is the french version.
I tested with no extension, and I obtained the same message on the quoted page.
About the flags Nazdhun tells about, is there something I must verify on a desktop version of Firefox ?

In the menu (top-left button) I select Competition.
Then, the second picture is named “Clash of code”.
When I click on that, I arrive there :

and there the picture on top of the page has a subtitle that tells that a higher resolution is required to access the IDE.
Well, the second picture gives access to the IDE, I am pretty sure this was not the case yesterday.