Has anyone been interviewed by one of the sponsoring companies? I applied to many of them and haven’t heard anything from them. I am wondering if it is because I live so far away in Australia? Are the companies mainly looking for “local” people in Europe?


Hey @dimkadimon,

I recently had a hangout with Maria from the CodinGame team about how CodinGame for Companies works and she shared some insights with me about the system.

I won’t go that much into detail, but it depends on the company and it’s on their behalf who to interview or not, even if you score with 100% when applying for a job offer doesn’t guarantee an interview or job offer. The analytics of the provided code is pretty detailed and includes metrics like problem solving, design, readability, reliability and language knowledge.

But for example, 5 from, I think it was a few hundred, solved the Nintendo challenge to 100% and 2 or 3 got a job there :sunny:


If you’re talking about compagnies from contests, I’ve been contacted in both “Don’t Panic” and “There is no spoon” by two-three companies each times, without scoring that much.

If you’re talking about TEADS.TV and Nintendo (and before Winamax), TEADS has been said to be quite not quick to respond in another topic.

For Nintendo I’ve been in touch with the Sebastien Guido from the N.E.R.D (Nintendo European Research and Development) which is the person in charge of the recruitment, he assured me of two things:

Do note that succeeding the Nintendo challenge is not enough to get into the N.E.R.D team, Sebastien Guido will challenge you again with a bunch of tests that are not that hard to solve, but he will ask tremendous performance, so be prepared (at least more prepared than I was :))

Good luck anyway, and Keep Coding

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The only time I have applied for a job, it was for the contest “The Great Escape” (27th). I’ve selected 3 companies and all of them contacted me. The first one asked me to solve a simple problem before inviting me to come to Paris, the second one called me but I’ve decided not to go further with them. I am currently awaiting the contract from the last company, which was my first choice :).

But indeed, I have the chance to live in France and these three companies have offices in France. Since it’s on the behalf of the company to decide who to contact, it’s hard to tell why. To my mind, if you apply that means that you are willing to move if needed and there is no reason not to interview you. Have you received the email asking you to provide your contact (and resume)?

This is my situation. After the Great Escape I was contacted by a company. I sent them my resume and never heard from them again. Somewhat dissapointing, because they could at least interview me.

I suspect even a phone interview is hard to arrange with me due to time difference.