Introducing CG Leadergraph

I have created a small tool that visualizes the top of the leaderboard as a 2D graph:

Please be patient while the leaderboard loads (5-10 seconds), and have fun playing around with the settings at the bottom!

By default the tool will use the top 100 players by total CP. If you select another CodingPoints category, for instance “Contest”, you will see the number of contest points for the same players in the top 100 by total. However, if you check the “Use ranking of this category” box, the top 100 players by contest points will be displayed instead.

It’s possible to select the players in range 101-200 as well. I could add a couple more ranges if requested.

Suggestions and forks/pull requests on github are welcome :slight_smile:


Funniest thing was to go through Contest, Multi, Golf, Optim and then reaching “Clash” :smiley:

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