Introducing CG-Ranking


I created a tool to show the evolution of players’ ranking during a contest: it’s called CG-Ranking!
[EDIT] CG-Ranking is now available at this URL:
[EDIT 2] Now, you can also use https:

It generates charts like the one bellow:

I tested it on the Amadeus challenge, and it worked pretty well, so I decided to make it available for the community :slight_smile:
It will be available for Legends of Code and Magic (only the Marathon), and hopefully for the other oncoming contests!

Of course, it’s fully open source (

If you have suggestions, feel free to ask me (or just send a pull-request if you want to do it by yourself :slight_smile: )

Please, tell me if you use it!


There’s something wrong with the styling or div containers. Didn’t look where exactly the problem is, but please do check it for laptop screen proportions.

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Great initiative!

Couple of notes about open source part:

  • consider using a (micro-)framework (e.g. Laravel) that will handle stuff like routing / templating / db for you
  • private gitlab server is cool, but consider hosting on github so that it’s easier to discover / contribute.
  • distribute unrelated / media / unversionable files like db dumps via releases

We used to have this kind of chart during Platinum Rift, it’s cool to see it back.

So, what happened to it?

It was hosted by a Codingamer too and he left

Well, I won’t be able to host CG-Ranking at the beginning of the contest, so it will be online only for the last two weeks. Sorry :confused:

[EDIT] It’s back online!

I moved the source to Github:

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@eulerscheZahl I implemented you feature request!

The agent ID is now saved in the database, and can be shown in the tooltip (but you have to activate the functionality before with the “edit” button in the bottom right corner):


Now, CG-Ranking can save the history of several games!
It means it could save also the history of multis, but I don’t know if it’s really useful…

What’s more, I bought my own domain name, so CG-Ranking is now available at this URL: (the other one is still available, but I think I’m gonna delete it).

@AntiSquid If you still face you issue, can you please tell it to me? It looks fine on my computer :slight_smile: Thanks!

Ya. Still bugs. It moves much faster than in the video i linked.

If i remove margin: 0 from the body in styling it stops. But the issue only occurs when the browser is maximized, if i resize window or open dev console it stops.
(styling found inside materialize.min.css)

Hope this helps.

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Ok, thanks!
The problem came from this bug in chartjs (so it’s not my fault :innocent:)

The problem happens because the height of the chart causes the browser to add scrollbars which causes a resize which changes the height of the chart removing the need for scrollbars. This then continues indefinitely.

I fixed it, so it should be ok now, thanks!

You are not alone with that kind of bug (like AntiSquid: much faster in realitiy than in the video)


CG-Ranking is available for the A*Craft challenge!

What’s more, the leaderboard of all the multiplayer puzzles and the global leaderboard are now saved once a week :slight_smile:
I’m gonna add the other leaderboards (clashs of code, optimisation puzzles, …) soon


I know CG-Ranking was offline last month, but everything should be ok now :wink: