Introducing Codingame Connector, coding and testing outside webbrowser

How about coding your program for Codingame in your favorite editor (Eclipse, vim, Kate, emacs, Notepad++, etc.). Oh, there is a Chrome extension that already do that? Yes, I know but then, you still need your webbrowser… and I don’t use Chrome, my machine is old, so I don’t want to run 2 webbrowsers. That’s the main reasons behind the development of codingame-connector.

How it works? Very basic, it watches your file (whatever the language of it) and each time you save a new version, it will run Codingame’s IDE tests and report about them. You’ll need Node to make it run but that doesn’t mean your program needs to be in Javascript. Look the video below to see an example with a Python script.


Tell me about it (on this forum or on Github issues), I have still some ideas but better hear from the end user now!

Note: Today, it’s only possible to connect through a Codingame’s account. If you’re on Google or Twitter or any other kind of account, just tell, it may prioritize my work towards that :wink:


Looks great! :+1:

I’ll try it soon!