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Hi All,

Maybe I joined the party a bit later, but I seem to be unable to find the link to invite friends to join the site (and have the points counted for it, of course :-)).

Aside from that, it would be nice if LinkedIn would be included in the overall media setup (both for CodinGame in general, as well as predefined post to invite people - again, with points counted…).

All the best,
Robert K.


Hi Robert,

the invite friends link is in the IDE at the top. You are not the first to not find it. So, where do you start searching it to find a better location for it ?

Any idea is welcome :wink:

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Many thanks! You are right, if you come thinking of it, there is no obvious “best invite link location”. As a guesstimate - in the leaderboards/personal profile pages?

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I would expect the button to (also) be on the profile page since when I’m in the IDE I’m too busy working on the problem in order to notice that button or think about inviting friends :slight_smile:


Int33h??? Mouse, of course! You must be about as old as I am… Not sure how many of the millenials ever programmed interrupts… :smile:


This used to be my favorite interrupt when I was studying assembler back in the university and working under DOS :slight_smile:


+1 to put it in the profile page, it’s a social interaction and I searched it first with followers :frowning:


Already posted it in another topic, but I think here is better place:

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Holy crap… interrupts. They kind of were no longer a thing around the time I started programming majorly (except for some backporting things). So many things I was reading about in material… that honestly was flagged under “this is phased out–you do not have to do this… please do not do this”

Though… the concept of “interrupt shifting/spoofing” (or whatever it was called) where you pretend the interrupt is at a location that it really isn’t, for the purpose of not having it locked down, still intreges me.

Well… cannot wait until this is set up.

Hopefully my profile isn’t quite as much fail by the time it appears.