Invite - Suggestion

Hi fellow admins,

You know I’m a person that love to invite people on codingame (since I have invited over 25-30 person as of now), and recently I invited with facebook some of my friend.

That’s nice and dandy but now I want to invite some of my other friend but I don’t knwo which I already invited and I don’t want to spam people, especially those won’t didn’t respond, so could there be a feature that said ‘invited’ for every person already invited so that I won’t invite the same person twice?

Thanks a lot, now for my ritual summoning process:

I summon thee, @SaiksyApo, @loick_michard, @FredTreg   

I didn’t make it into an admin post because I want to know if that’s interesting for someone else too.

Not interested, I don’t have any friends. :slight_smile:

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French joke: @SaiksyApo: “Si t’as pas d’ami, prend un curly”

Joke aside, I’d gladly listen to any issue people might face when using invitations.

As another suggestion I think that it would be great to move 'Invite" button somewhere else (it was not so easy for me to find it and it happened suddenly during task solving).
Maybe one of this variants (or two/three) would be better:

  1. On the left panel
  2. Animated label switching between ‘0’ and ‘INVITE’ if user has no followings
  3. Just near following/followers
  4. Inside the following tab
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