Inviting Friends & Sponsorship

Hi there,

For a while now, we can invite friends and doing so, unlock achievements. However, the only way to invite friends is to use Facebook and/or Google+.

It could be great to add the possibility to invite people using e-mails.
Adding a “sponsor/parrain” field in the registration form would be helpful too.


Totally agree, I would like to share a tweet/mail (with my school, for example) and that all those who register via this link brings me full of points and achievements! :slight_smile:

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Indeed, this would be a great addition to the platform. In fact, we are preparing this very feature, right now!
It will be available very soon.

Keep Coding :slight_smile:


Any news, please ?


It’s available when you are in the editor of any challenges > Invite friends > Share this link…

It would make sense to have this feature (also) in the profile.
That’s where I look for it every time I need it and it always take me much time to find it back !

For someone (just like me) searching for this feature, it’s located in the Profile -> Following -> Find your friends section, at the bottom: “Invite them by sharing this link”.


I have invited few friends with Facebook or Gmail accounts and they have received no invitation.

Should I have to unlock sth in my profile or get more XP to be able to invite people?

I tried sharing that link with my coworkers, and it doesn’t seem to work; even when they’re already logged in to their Codingame account, it redirects them to the home screen of Codingame, without adding them to my friend list.

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Confirm this issue.