Is it allowed to participate with a team?

Hey there !

My roommates and I would be interested in joining our forces to code an AI in a contest. We don’t care about the prize, we would do it for fun.

One way we could do it, is by having only one of us do the actual push, while everyone else tests locally on its own PC. We would handle the synchronization between us on our end.

I wanted to know if it is allowed to work on the same code with several people ? Or more precisely, is there any kind of protection that activates when two people test (not push) the same exact code ?

Thanks for your answers

I’m assuming this is kinda similar to the CodeHubs that they use to have during first day of contests. I am not a member of CG team, so don’t take my view as a rule.

The rules say:

all Participants […] shall be required to participate and perform tests alone without the help of a third party or any technical assistance.
Participation is strictly personal ; each Participant may only register once for a particular CodinGame Contest and may not participate in any way on behalf of third parties.

I don’t know what happens in the background to check that (there is no check in multiplayers, but a contest is somehow different). Personally I don’t care, as long as you don’t get in the range of winning prizes. I am also not a member of the CG team.

Sure, we allow you to play this way. You won’t be eligible for prizes though.
There is no check in the background about that anyway.

Have fun!

This rule is just useless :smiley: If you want to play, according to this rule, you can’t use the chat. Don’t read the forum. Never use google or stackoverflow. Cut internet.