Is the Nintendo challenge worth it? Do they actually contact you?

I have been wanting to try to solve the nintendo challenge for a while now. It looks challenging and difficult. I actually want to get into Nintendo by solving this challenge, can anyone confirm if Nintendo has contacted you. And if so how much percentage of the problem did you complete?.

It’s very unlikely that nintendo will contact you. Actually i have never heard of anyone contacted by nintendo on this site. It was maybe the case when the puzzle was realease few years ago.

It definitely is worth it. I probably learned more on this challenge than any other “Training” challenges (though I really dislike C++…), regardless the future possible jobs you may got :smiley:

Anyway, once you complete the challenge, there is a button to send NERD a resume (NERD being Nintendo European Research & Development, based in Paris).
I didn’t sent anything so I cannot tell you if it works or not

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