Is your ranking system screwed?

First of all I would like to give a huge thanks to the whole (french!!) team behind CodinGame. You guys rock :slight_smile:

Second I’m what one might called a beginner. I stumble upon CodinGame while searching for a place to code code code in Python3 which I aim to learn. I’ve got no computing background. Just nothing, apart from a personal challenge to learn programming.

I resolve three easy puzzles and was just gutting out on my first medium puzzle. I suddenly decided that I gutted out enough and that it was time for a clash of code. I did it. I finish 7/8 not even able to resolve the problem (fairly simple truth).
I checked my coding point and I end up with that bad result with twice my total CP earned resolving puzzles.

I should be glad and shut the f*ck up but I think this is a serious bias which could skewed the ranking of a user.

Did I miss something in here?

My 2cents

Clash of Code rewards too much CP. We apologize for that and we will fix it soon. The current problem is because we lower the score of inactive participants so new comers are too well ranked.

I was askiing myseld the same question. I got to the worldwide top 2% while never winning anything.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: