Java Tools

Hi Fellow CodinGamers!

I like to use good, decriptive names in my source files like ‘findEmergencyMissionsAndAssignOperatives’ for a method.
This convention helps to understand my sources better, maintain them, find reusable parts more easily after months or even after years.

CodinGame has a 50 KiloByte upload limit currently, which forces us to limit ourselves for having an easily maintainable code, especially for long contests.
So I choose to shrink my source code with a simple tool to have it within the limit, but keep the line numbers for easy trackback of exceptions in the original source code.

My source code became about 50% smaller with it.

The tool:

Feel free to use, share, modify it!


  • I take no responsibility for the improper usage of the tool.
  • Use a source control system to keep your files safe, and protect them from unwanted changes.
  • I give no support for the tool. Anyway it speeks for itself.
  • I think the tool can be easily ported to other languages, if someone wants it.

Happy Coding! :wink:

Cool. Will give this a shot

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