Join or host a CodinHub for Codebusters


Codebusters contest is arriving very soon and we would like to try something special for it: CodingHubs.

What is a CodinHub?

It’s a place where CodinGamers can meet and enjoy the contest together. It’s always fun to meet other coders and one can learn from another.
We would like to send goodies to hubs, but as we are putting it in place a bit late, we cannot promise anything. Next time we will for sure.

How does it work?

Anyone can host a CodinHub. A host has to fill this form where he/she will fill the location, date and time of the hub, as well as an e-mail to contact him.

Admin Edit : I removed old links. All info about CodingHubs can be found [here]

All hubs information will be available here.

Anyone who wants to join a hub has to contact the host and ask the permission to join. If you don’t find any hub near you, the best is to fill the same formto indicate you would be interested by a hub at your location.

***If you would like to rent a room in a school/university/company, you need obviously to get an authorization for it.***

If you have any question, don’t hesitate!


Love this idea!


Cannot wait to see who all in Vancouver is doing stuff for Codingame.

No, I’m not going to host… I’m kind of homeless.


I can’t host either, but would love to attend something in the Washington, DC area.

@dakedesu don’t hesitate to fill the form to show that you’re interested as joining a CodinHub in Vancouver.

You don’t need a palace to host, just a table, some seats and beers (and Internet connection) and you’re set!


Yeah… I don’t have any of those on that list.

I’m kind of accessing the internet via public terminals and living in a tent.

You know… like if William Gibson or Bruce Sterling were to be the ones to write “Good Will Hunting”

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There are currently 3 CodinHubs available! All in France: in Lyon/Villeurbanne, Paris and Montpellier! Don’t hesitate to contact the CodinHubs to book your place :slight_smile:

Est ce qu’on a un accusé d’inscription?


si tu as contacté un des organisateurs, il devrait normalement te répondre pour te dire que c’est ok.

Hello Codingamers of Paris,

Looking to codebust in Paris? Join the Murex codebusting team for our codinghub on June 28th from 6pm to 9pm. So let’s meet and discuss the code over some pizza in our office with a view.

(yes, the sky is not Photoshoped)

We only have 10 places available this time, so please register by sending me a mail (first come first served).


This picture is a fake, sky has never been as blue as that last 3 months. :sunglasses:

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