Just a little bit of acknowledgement

Today it was exactly 1 year ago when I signed up for CodinGame, so I feel it is the right time to congratulate and thank @TwoSteps and the whole CodinGame Team for this great site, provided completely free!

We usually get accustomed to free stuff and take it for granted, even complaining if it is not 100% working exactly the way we want it. But it is far from “granted” - it is a result of hard work from a relatively small team whom we never pay a dime. Even if the free CG platform might be a by-product of the commercial platform targeted at HR, it is still an amazing feat!

In the past 1 year CG became a regular pastime for me. After solving 315 solo puzzles, participating in 3.5 contests, submitting (mostly quite basic) bots in 30 multi & optim games, and amassing more XP than my AD&D 2nd Ed. fighter-mage character ‘Bali’ ever did in the high school 30 years ago - I still love CG. It even made me buy an “Introduction to Algorithms”, a 1300-page book (now only 1180 pages to go :slight_smile: )

I would also like to acknowledge the amazing CG Community. Whenever I was stuck with a puzzle, help was always immediate in the forum.

Sorry, I tend to be long-winding. So, thanks again and keep up the good work!


Hello @TBali,

Thank you for your very kind words. I’ve shared your post with the team, it means a lot to us.

In just one year, you’ve already done a lot, it’s impressive.

I’m sure the community helped you and now you’re helping others; keep being awesome. And let’s not forget your inspiring article: