Language request: Vala

I’ve found Vala to be a rather pleasant language to work with and would love to have it added for use in codingame challenges. It transpiles into C as part of compilation, although valac itself is capable of invoking C compiler.

Proposed compilation options:

--target-glib=auto --pkg gio-2.0 --pkg gee-0.8


  • --target-glib=auto - we don’t care about resulting binary to be ABI-compatible with anything but build machine, so might as well reduce meaningless warnings from C compiler.
  • --pkg gee-0.8 - a large library of collections. While it’s not directly a part of vala or glib, it’s still a de-facto standard one (valadoc even lists it as a core library alongside glib and similar fundamental libraries).

Possible additional flags:

  • --Xcc=-O2 - Vala relies very heavily on C compiler to do optimizations, so I’d suggest enabling what is considered a “reasonable” optimization level by most distros out there. Although, given that it’s not default, and CodinGame’s history with lack of optimization options I’m not overly hopeful here…
  • --pkg gio-2.0 - allows to use async methods. Their usefulness is somewhat debatable in context of challenges, but they can be handy regardless.

Template codegen can be borrowed from C with minor changes:

  • Drop includes
  • Use stdin.scanf()/stdin.getc() for input
  • Use print() for output, it works just like printf in raw C

I’m unfamiliar with inner workings of language assistant CodinGame uses, but it’s worth noting that there exists vala-language-server project that works rather well.