Languages Update + Swift 3

We’ve just updated a few languages and also added Swift 3 to the platform. We haven’t removed Swift 2, but you can consider it as deprecated.

  • Swift 3

Here in detail for the other languages:

  • C#
    C# 6.0 (Mono 4.2.3, .NET 4.5) => C# 6.0 (Mono 4.6.2, .NET 4.5)
  • Python 2
    2.7.9 => 2.7.13
  • Python 3
    3.4.2 => 3.5.3
  • Haskell
    GHC 7.8.3 => GHC 7.10.3
  • Scala
    2.11.4 => 2.12.1
  • Perl
    5.20.1 => 5.20.2
  • Bash
    GNU Bash 4.3.30 => GNU Bash 4.4.5
  • F#
    F# 3.1 (Mono 4.2.3, .NET 4.5) => F# Compiler for F# 4.0 (Open Source Edition)
  • Rust
    1.8.0 => 1.14.0

If you notice any issue, feel free to report it here!


Great work, thanks!

If you are taking suggestions for the future, I would recommend going for .NET Core instead of Mono for C# and F#, the performance enhancements are significative, and it’s portable across all major OS.

EDIT: Reading through more benchmark sources, it seems the performance of .NET Core vs Mono may not be so one sided after all, but still looking better for .NET Core overall.


Even though it’s really different from other languages here, being able to use R would be pretty interesting for some of the puzzles.

It would be nice to be able to compile Rust with optimizations, since it’s significantly faster with those.


Great job, many thanks!

I found so far a minor issue with swift3 editor syntax color. When it is set initially - editor starts with plain white color. Workaround is to select swift and select swift3 back.

I’m using FF, reproducible in clash of code game.

Fixed. Thanks!

Could you also add Programming languages/swift tag on forum?

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thanks for the good news !
Is Ocaml update with use of ocamlopt scheduled ?


Hi, could you also add brainfuck language? :slight_smile: Seriously it should be fun I think for puzzles but mostly for AI battles and contests, and quite simple to add on the platform :smiley:

ln the Temperature game, I tried using Swift 3

This did not work.
let allTemps = temps.componentsSeparatedByString(" ")