Languages update

There have never been any Swift3 badges, so no problem there.

Just for you know, 1.8.0_152 has some big regressions especially for Tomcat. I hope it won’t affect codingame puzzle. Oracle said that it will be fixed in the 1.8.0_153.

FYI while you were upgrading OCaml to 4.05.0, the new 4.06.0 version was released, which is quite unfortunate. :smiley:

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ES6 :heart_eyes: finally!

Could you please check Haskell installation? Some standard libraries are not found (Data.Random, Data.Vector). Just tried to compile code from past contests…


thanks for clojure :slight_smile:

Looks like all of them.

In fact, it looks like the Haskell setup actually went from platform 7.10.3 to ghc 8.2.1, instead of ghc 7.10.3 to platform 8.2.1.

The following code, that ought to do nothing (and yell about main missing), yields exactly one error per line:

import Control.Concurrent.Async
import Data.Attoparsec
import Data.CallStack
import Data.CaseInsensitive
import Network.CGI
import Control.Monad.Catch
import Data.Graph.Inductive
import Numeric.Fixed
import Graphics.GLU
import Graphics.UI.GLUT
import Numeric.Half
import Data.Hashable
import Language.Haskell.Syntax
import Text.Html
import Network.HTTP
import Test.HUnit
import Math.NumberTheory.Logarithms
import Control.Monad.Trans
import Network.Multipart
import Network
import Network.URI
import Data.ObjectName
import System.Locale
import System.Time
import Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL
import Graphics.GL
import Control.Parallel
import Text.Parsec
import Data.Primitive
import Test.QuickCheck
import System.Random
import Text.Regex.Base
import Text.Regex
import Text.Regex.POSIX
import Data.Scientific
import Data.List.Split
import Data.StateVar
import Control.Concurrent.STM
import Data.Generics
import Data.Text
import System.Random.TF
import Control.Monad.Trans.Identity
import Control.Monad.Trans.Instances
import Data.HashSet
import Data.Vector
import Text.XHtml
import Codec.Compression.Zlib

Ts’all better than nothing, so please excuse the misplaced curiosity on my side, but…

Perl 5.24 is the stable branch that forked about a year and a half ago. Stable perl 5.26 branched in May. Why do we get the older one?

It was easier to install. I don’t know the exact technical details.

The Scheme or Racket unavailability makes me feel sad. I hope there is still hope >^.^< Thanks for other languages, anyway

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No Erlang or Elixir yet… :disappointed:

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Any plan for Erlang or Elixir?

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Why not C# 7 on .NET Standard/Core CLR?

Great! :+1:

Yep it was available, but for a technical reason I’m not aware of, it was more difficult than planned so we went for a quick and easy update.

No plan for Elixir yet, sorry.

Please consider adding support for .NET Standard 2.0 and C# 7.1. Probably as “new language” (as addition to existing, not necessarily as breaking replacement for current). Then you can run built assemblies on either Mono/.NET Full, or on cross-platform .NET Core, as far as all three these platforms implement .NET Standard.

So now all my swift 3 solutions are gone? Couldn’t they have been carried over?

Hello all,
Is the timeout issue linked to this?
I was looking previous multi games and saw that I was having plenty of matches lost by timeout: FB and CSB.
I have seen that BeardedWhale (using Java too) was also having the issue on FB (matches lost on timeout), which truly make me think that it was due to the Java upgrade.

Is this issue known? We can no longer use the System.currentTimeMillis()?

As far as i know, the issue is very specific to Tomcat and i don’t think it has a link with System.currentTImeMillis()

Ok, thanks for your answer :wink: