Languages update

The version of the following languages have been updated:

  • Go (1.6.2)
  • Dart (1.16.0)
  • Rust (1.8.0)
  • C# (6.0 (Mono 4.2.3, .NET 4.5))
  • F# (3.1 (Mono 4.2.3, .NET 4.5))
  • VB.NET (Compiler Visual Basic 2005 (Mono 4.2.3, .NET 4.5))

The version of all languages can be checked in the FAQ


Thanks for the Dart update! I’m excited to have enums and better collection support. Might even try isolates for AI/GA experiments.


Hopefully my errors in Rust are not constantly contradicted by the documentation now!


Does this mean we now have access to Linq in VB.Net?


Thanks for the C# Update

Any word on when Elixir will be added to the list of languages?


:disappointed: When I read the topic, I thought that we were going to get some new programming languages. I was hoping for Kotlin in particular. It has been in demand for a while and should be very easy to add.


Well it’s not that easy to add a new language to the platform :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’re working on a lot of other things and we currently have not much time to dedicate to adding a language.

For sure we have no clear way of knowing how many players would like which new language, and this doesn’t help us to choose. I’m going to look into it. Don’t worry, the time will come!


When I read the topic, I thought that we were going to get some new
programming languages. I was hoping for Kotlin in particular. It has
been in demand for a while and should be very easy to add.

Are you sure? When I see the demand there was to add Swift and Rust and the ammount of people using those, I am doubtful that adding more and more “obscure” (no sorry, very application specific :stuck_out_tongue: ) languages will make the platform much “better”. Don’t forget that adding a language is not just adding a compiler on the server. You have to add a parser for each puzzle, ideally test those to avoid unwanted timeout that would make a puzzle not feasable and, last but not least, keep the language “up-to-date”. The more language the site supports, the more place will those task take in the CiG team’s schedule. I personally prefer if they focus their effort into creating more content, more and better puzzles… etc


I want Elixir too! please guys do not ignore the comment above.


To be fair… I wasn’t really wanting to use Swift or Rust… but now that they are there, I’m more inclined to actually check them out.

Yeah… I’ve been kind of not doing too much of them too quickly… but I’ve not really been doing much of anything on this website too quickly. To the point where I’ve mostly been sticking with C and Perl… even for situations using other languages would be the logical answer to do there (and mocking my own stubbornness with it, rather than actually justifying it).

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A rust update would be welcome.

Rust gets a new version every 6 weeks, a regular warning like a google calendar reminder would help you not miss any update :slight_smile:

Can we get an update to Swift 3? It’s a major change from Swift 2, and the app development community has already moved to it, with Apple dropping support for Swift 2 very aggressively.

Plese update Haskell too, I can’t use ghc 7.8.3 via stack (on Arch linux) anymore.

Now I have to blindly use 7.10.3 to test code locally and hope nothing will break when submit.

There is no major issue yet but update would be nice :slight_smile:

$ stack --resolver=lts-0.3 setup
Run from outside a project, using implicit global project config
Using resolver: lts-0.3 specified on command line
No information found for ghc-7.8.3.
Supported versions for OS key 'linux64-ncurses6': GhcVersion 7.10.3, GhcVersion 8.0.1

as you can see here, Rust and Haskell have been updated

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The following languages have been updated (just in time for the community contest \o/):

  • Bash: GNU Bash 4.4.5 => GNU Bash 4.4.12
  • C: gcc 4.9.2 mode C11 => gcc 7.2.0 mode C11
  • C++: g++ 4.9.2 mode C++11 => g++ 7.2.0 mode C++14
  • C#: C# 6.0 (Mono 4.6.2, .NET 4.5) => C# 6.0 (Mono 5.4.0, .NET 4.6)
  • Clojure: 1.6.0 - Oracle JVM 1.8 => 1.8.0 - Oracle JVM 1.8
  • Dart: 1.16.0 => 1.24.2
  • F#: F# Compiler for F# 4.0 (Open Source Edition) => F# Compiler 4.1 (Open Source Edition)
  • Java: Oracle Java 1.8.0_72 => Oracle Java 1.8.0_152
  • Javascript: SpiderMonkey 49.0 => SpiderMonkey 58.0 (ES6)
  • Go: 1.6.2 => 1.9.1
  • Groovy: 2.4.5 - Oracle JVM 1.8 => 2.4.12 - Oracle JVM 1.8
  • Haskell: GHC 7.10.3 => Haskell Platform 8.2.1
  • Kotlin, Objective-C, PHP: no update
  • Lua: 5.3.0 => 5.3.4
  • OCaml: 4.01.0 => 4.05.0
  • Pascal: Free Pascal Compiler 2.6.4 => Free Pascal Compiler 3.0.2
  • Perl: 5.20.2 => 5.24.1
  • Python 2: 2.7.13 => 2.7.14
  • Python 3: 3.5.3 => 3.6.3
  • Ruby: 2.1.5 => 2.4.2
  • Rust: 1.14 => 1.21.0
  • Scala: 2.12.1 => 2.12.4
  • Swift: 2.2.1 => 4.0
  • Swift 3: REMOVED (see Swift)
  • VB.NET: Compiler Visual Basic 2005 (Mono 4.2.3, .NET 4.5) => Compiler Visual Basic 2005 (Mono 5.4.0, .NET 4.6)

We’ll look into optimization flags next year (O3, Rust debug mode, etc)

PS: There has been some issues linked to this update, in particular with C++. Please check this thread


So good I can’t believe my eyes! Yay!

Thank you!

Thanks, I was really waiting Python 3.6. Especially type hints and new format.

What happens to the swift3 badges?