Last Battle TV crashes browser app

During the last contest I wanted to put the last battle TV on my iPad, as I don’t have a side screen at the moment and I felt the screen format is very convenient for that. It kept crashing, actually straight away. I tried with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, all the same.

I guess the answer is that you don’t officially support those devices but I give it a shot anyway, this would be very helpful for the next contest.

do you mean you opened the IDE and the last battles tab on your Ipad and as soon as you tapped on “show” for a battle it crashed?

Hi Thibaud,

Sorry the reproduction steps were unclear.

  • Click on the Last Battle Tab on the left panel
  • The first item on top of the list should be the “Last battle TV” (I think that’s how it’s called), try to maximise the player to full screen

ok, as soon as you try to watch any battle in fll screen, it crashed. Browser crash or tab crash?

I’ll report it

Not sure if it was browser or tab.
I just tried to repro it to make a quick video. It seems to be fine now, at least on safari. I noticed the player for Spring Challenge was updated so maybe it’s thanks to that ? Or just the load has gone down.

Also, on Firefox and chrome apps the full screen button doesn’t do anything, seems like it’s disabled now?

Anyway, feel free to report it but as it standa if I can put the player full screen on safari it’s fine for me at the moment it works as expected :slight_smile:

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