Launch all test


Can you pack “launch all test” into single request to minimize the RTT?
Because in bolivia it’s slow to validate all test. Seam be one query/reply by test. We have in best case 300ms of ping


Interesting idea.
Could also give and option to make it a quick test all without the animation, etc. just check all and give result.

This could be very helpful in “fastest” clashes.

I had a few where I was just waiting for the tests to finish before I submit and went down in position. :smile:

Currently, when you press the test all button, your code is downloaded, compiled and executed for each test separately. The animation doesn’t increase the duration of the computation. What could be done is to test the code on multiple test files like we do for the report but that requires more changes that you think.

We have planned to rework the IDE in the next months so it is unlikely we would do big changes on the current IDE now. But I agree this makes sense for the clashes, we will see what is feasible.

Error 500






Your server (at least the frontend) is:


Free SAS
Iliad Hosting

When I try re login me:

An internal error occurred (#-1): “internal error”. Please contact for help
Apache Tomcat/8.0.0-RC5, Linux 3.X
Uptime guess: 149.968 days

Apache httpd 2.2.22 ((Ubuntu)), Uptime guess: 46.822 days, how support the load with apache? :wink:

Will be great to improve the security

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And start all test and group upload/compilation will improve the server usage

These errors are not usual. We have upgraded the website yesterday and it looks like we have introduced a regression. We are actively working on it.

Up, what about the security enforcing and compil and test only one time all the test?

I’ve suggested the idea to test all at once to one of the developer that is currently working on the new IDE.

However, if we decided to launch the tests one at a time, it was to stop if one of them is not working. The objective was to reduce the number of tests that are ran. If we provide a button “Test all” that launches everything, people will use it a lot instead of testing with only one test. Consequence is that this would increase the load of our servers quite a lot.

it was to stop if one of them is not working -> perfect: -> remain actually multiple XHS (ajax). One by test (not test all at once).