Leaderboard cleanup

For some games it has become a sport to find the best bot available and submit it into the arena as you can see here to name a few. (Those lists were obtained by comparing the behavior under the same conditions, there might be some false positives and false negatives).
From an honest player’s perspective it’s frustrating to spend days and get stuck below a wall of identical bots that all yell “Sayonara” while dying.

As a lot of the games have been renamed, it’s now harder to find the bots published under the old name. Could you take the opportunity and do a bit of cleanup please?


Wow, a cheater detector. I already knew some names, some others come as a nasty surprise.

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Thank you @eulerscheZahl , I’ll look into it


I’ve “cleaned” the top of the GitC arena


Hypersonic ?

I haven’t been following this. Did the Hypersonic cleanup make much of a difference on the leaderboard?

Haven’t done it yet