Leaderboards: Tooltip for Category's rank

Hi all,

Could you add tooltip on the leaderboard’s rank that will details the rank of the user in each category?
It will be the same thing you did in the for the coding point details.
That will be good metrics for user that focus on one aspect of the ladder.


51 <- global rank
Achievement Contest MultiGame Optimisation Clash <- Tooltip
12 5 99 60

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It also allows those of us who find CoC to be generally annoying due to its rather broken early introduction (it might be more balanced now) to feel less valid for being all, “they only are that high due to CoC”… when we find out it has nothing to do with CoC at all. xD

In the same vein: I’d like to have the CoC rank of the other contestant displayable before and while joining a clash instead of the global leaderboard.

It would help me to avoid one of the top 50 bot player that I can’t seem to beat and which are constantly lowering my rank.

Of course I’ve learned most of their avatar by now, but still.

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