League system on older multiplayers

Five months have passed since the last league addition to an old multiplayer (The Great Escape).
But still there are a lot of multis that need a league system.

Maybe they can be added as a more hardcoded way:
-Split the current leaderboard in probable leagues: 30 players on legend, 100 on gold, etc…
-Pick up bosses on these cuts
-Validate bosses by resubmitting them.
-Create all leagues bosses at the same time, and hardcode promote players to each league.

This is faster than having to wait N weeks, and takes little CPU usage.

Bonus track: Maybe add another league above legend for games with 100+ players in legend? Smaller leagues reduce submit time, and takes less server usage


Currently, this is Wonder Woman which is added. We will release an old multiplayer game in leagues in August. We don’t know which one yet.


Shameful bump once Wondev Woman is completed.
Maybe Back To The Code or any other old multi that takes too long to resubmit :innocent:

I vote for PR1 or 2… really fun and not a lot of people who play them.


PR1 and PR2 are the only two multiplayers puzzles where i’m not sure to reach the legend league without improving my code. So yes i agree, i want this 2 puzzles with a league system :smiley:

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PR1 et PR2 deserve a ruleset instead of just a split on level :confused:

Next puzzle is Game of Drone :innocent:

Where’s the dislike button ? :slight_smile: