Learning how to code

where should I start to learn? I want to start making fun apps.

thank you

It really depends on what you want to do. Want to make IOS apps? You should learn objective C. Want to make Android apps? Java is your language. Web apps? You want Javascript, or perhaps Ruby or Python. If you want to do something more high performance like games, you’ll want something like C++ or C#.

In any case, I’d say your best bet is to head over to coursera or another online learning platform and find an introduction to programming course in a language that is commonly used for the type of applications you want to build.

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Thank you so much Brian,

Do you recommend any websites? I was told about lynda.com

Thank you

Hi !
I recommend these two :

If you want more, just type : learn “YOUR_LANGUAGE” in Google and you will have a lot of choice :smiley:

Codeschool isn’t free, and is quite expensive, codeacademy is really not bad, and totally free. @dgutierrez549

Hey @dgutierrez549,

have a look at the following sites:

If you want to make fun apps cross platform, have a look at C++/Qt with the Unreal Engine:


codeavengers is only for html and javascript, and only free for the first two course…
codecombat seems awesome! :smiley:

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Yeah, you’re right, should have mentioned this…

thank you … I really appreciate it

Just a note , codecombat is really cool but poorly balanced, if a guy suscribe monthly and pay , no matter how good are your algorithm you can’t beat him.

But I still recommend it, for a few hours of fun it’s perfect ^^

After learning the basics of a programming language, the recommended next step is to learn about basic algorithms (useful both in life and in solving CG). There are complete 50+ hours online courses available for free, e.g:

(I did not do these, so I cannot give a personal review, but the syllabus looks promising.)

I recently completed this one and highly recommend (although less applicable in CG context, but quite relevant otherwise) :