Let's have a single league

What is the purpose of splitting a league that has same rules into multiple leagues?

I understand the benefits of the sandbox wood leagues for warn-up and of leagues where we have to achieve a level to unlock new features, more “actions”. I wonder what are benefits of preventing players playing same rules from freely competing with each other during the whole contest.

I was automatically promoted today when silver was opened, so I am not jealous. But I get fewer people to compete against and already now, as always, there are players in bronze who are better than those in silver, some in bronze will be likely better than some in gold.

It would be more fun for everyone to have a flat leaderboard with a single league (after game rules stop changing) until the end of the challenge. Otherwise some get stuck at the top of a league and small improvements are insufficient to beat the boss, but they would be more inspired to keep up when seeing small hikes in ranking. Also otherwise some lose interest when they are at the bottom of a league and keep more or less same ranking even with a stale bot, they would be more inspired to tinker with bot if they saw their ranking drop every day.

Then when the final leaderboard is established in the final re-runs after the contest end, you would assign grading as legend, gold, silver, etc. based on the final ranking.

Multiple leagues are used to group people according to their level.

If there are too many differences in level in a single league, the ranking at the bottom of the league is too random, and depends on who was unlucky enough to face the best.