License question regarding input/output values


As a highly interesting programming language is not supported and likely will not be supported in the next years I have following idea:

The user reads the puzzle description on your web page. The input / expected output values are available on a local programm written be me. The programm will then execute the tests locally on the computer.

The question is whether the input/output values are your Intellectual Property or you would allow this usage?

Kind regards

Do you mean you want to send a spider or crawler to collect every reachable validator in/outs and keep the data locally?

No spider/bot. Manually solving the puzzles, looking at the input values / expected output values and writing them down.

This way you are collecting the test cases. I see no problem as I believe it is covered by a very loose Creative Common license ( which says you are free to copy and redistribute with just a little bit restrictions.

Thanks a lot. I started the work here ( and got the onboarding sample working.

The actual onboarding puzzle looks like this:

The-descent puzzle looks like this:

@TwoSteps If you see any issues (Intellectual properties…) please tell me.
As I even do not use any values from CG but develop the puzzle quest logic
on my own, there should be no issue at all.