Linking Forum profile to Codingame Profile

Hi everyone,

Self explanatory stuff, I was wondering why the Forum is totally separated from our codingame profile?

We could do some nice thing like asked here ** Embedding a picture with the rank** and even more.


Thanks in advance


@CvxFous: could you elaborate on what could be achieved by better integrating Forum and CodinGamer profile? The idea expressed from the link you provide is about sharing your CodinGamer experience more broadly (not contained within the limits of our Forum).
As for the why, you know, different tools and stuff…

A low priority feature but it could be interesting indeed. I think a nice addition would be the possibility to know better who’s asking and answering in puzzle threads, as you can’t really know at the moment how experienced is the one trying to give an hint.


I was thinkings about signatures, points etc… show achievement in sig, level (guru, master etc) and when we click a profile we could see his/her codingame profile and achievement.

For example.

Hey @FredTreg ,

I like the idea as well, to link from forum profile to CodinGame profile and visa versa.
Could give us more insights of whom we’re talking to.

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I give a up to this idea, me too i would like to click a person and be able to see his rank / points etc in the forum.

Maybe only a link in the forum profile that leads to the codingame profile so that things are kept separated but of course seeing a “summary” on mouse over the person’s name would be better ^^

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@SuigetsuSake and ranking, icon for guru/master/etc rank inside the forum, that’ll be great

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Something like in Project Euler? Yeah, right.
Or a small icon like your cup? There are plenty of ideas after U+1F300.

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@CvxFous Yes this would give a better visual too .
The idea of having your rank / points / Contests played as a non-intrusive signature would be really great too

What did you mean by that.

The little cup after your pseudo:

U+***** is the unicode hexa for the symbol of a small spiral. Check the symbols here.

Oh right, i feel so dumb not undestanding what you said :slight_smile:

Right but they could add proper image under the avatar for example to show rank too