List index out of range but it's not

Hi, I have a very strange problem.
On one hand, the program gives me an error, but, on the other hand, the probleme gives me the result that I want !

My programme :
line 416 : print(my_list[0][0])

Standard Error Stream :

IndexError: list index out of range
at in on line 416

Standard Output Stream :

[4, 13]

Why ??? ^^

It’s hard to tell without more context but it’s impossible that it prints anything after IndexError is raised.
So either your output comes from a print somewhere else in the code, or you line 416 belongs to a loop and that printed the first time and your list changed in between and it triggers an error the second time.

Whatever the problem is, you can debug a suspect list access with this kind of structure:

    <<anything using my_list[i]>>

Thanks for your response.

Finally I found another way to solve the exercise.

In fact, Coding game restart the programme after each print, but sometimes, when the programme is printing something, it should use variables, but these ones are deleted with the restart.
It was the source of my problem : my_list[0][0] doesn’t exist after the printing.

I don’t know if it was clear, but if someone else has the same error, I hope my explications will be helpful.

Now my program works !