Live discussion for spring challenge 2023

Hello, is there a live discussion space for spring challenge 2023 please ?

Thanks but there is nothing there. I connected but haven’t seen any discussion. Is there a hashtag to use please ?

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I’ve never used Discord, but I do have an account.

If I click on the link shared by @Remi, I get this:

If I click on ‘Discord’ under COMMUNITY, and click on accept invite, I get this:
[after about 5 times ‘wait, are you human?’]

Any tips on how I can access CG Discord?

Edit: nevermind - if I use the invite link qAKXEEv inside Discord itself (Add Server ->…) it works.


Ok sorry if the link didn’t work, glad you did it anyway ^^

I think the link did not work earlier because I had never joined the Codingame server before (I first had to take the invite). The link works now for me. Might have been the same issue for @carlin-de-clair.

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