LOCM 1.2 Competition announcement and results

I am very happy to announce the results of the LOCM-based Strategy Card Game AI Competition co-located with the IEEE CEC conference.

The top three players are:

  1. Coac
  2. UJIAgent2
  3. AntiSquid

Full results and video with competition description are here.

There were only 6 bots (due to the poor advertisement I made it seems :frowning: ), so our top three had less problems to get the prizes $500, $300, and $200 respectively) sponsored by IEEE CIS Competition Sub-Committee :smiley: .

But yet another good news is that we will have one more competition this year - co-located with the IEEE COG conference. Deadline is the 1-st of August. More info on the competition webpage

Every codingamer is mostly welcomed :-).


If one thinks to participate but is afraid of the need to make presentation about the bot or open-source releasing it, small update of rules. Open-source is not necessary, and just a short doc about how the bot behaves is really enough :-).

Just a reminder, that there is one week left towards the CoG conference LOCM 1.2 competition.

It is enough time to slightly rewrite your cool one-lane LOCM bot or even write something new from the scratch.