Log Book: Sprint Release

                                                                   :warning: ** Spoiler Alert ** :warning:

2015-08-18 Sprint Release

  • Update “Notification” : The notification system is now synchronized between computer/windows/tabs.
  • Update “Job Store Ad” : It’s now possible to open a Job Store Ad while clinking on the cover/logo of the company.
  • Update “Clash Of Code Home” : It is possible to join a clash by clicking on an empty slot. The current and finished clashes are now displayed.
  • Update “Clash Of Code Notif” : The nickname of who has submitted is now displayed in the notification. This notification should not be displayed if you’re not in the clash anymore (out of IDE/Report).
  • Update “Clash Of Code Lobby” : The list of online CodinGamers now displays your followings, then those having an avatar, and then those having a nickname . Limited to 150, random order.
  • Update “Clash Of Code Leaderboard” : It’s now possible to filter by clash count and clash points in the Clash Leaderboard.
  • Update “Clash Of Code” : Some queries has been optimized.

  • ** New feature “Notification Email” ** : An email can be sent when you receive a notification. The notification system can be configured in the settings panel (Profile Page).
  • ** New feature “IN/OUT” ** : We fixed the lovely cheat of the IN / OUT puzzles (without player). Good luck to the brave & feel free to send us your exploit. :slight_smile:

  • Fix minor bugs


  • TOP SECRET STUFF :blush:


I really like such topics. I like to know what’s going on, try new things (that I might not know other way, even though they can be useful) and get excited from knowing what new features can be expected.
That’s also a kind a feedback from bug listed on the forum. IMHO, such feedbacks are important.

However, once the process is started, people often want regular news. Else, they’ll think: they are doing nothing, this site is not gonna last for long etc.
At least this is something I saw while working for a company, and this is as well what I expect when I am a simple user.

One feature has been lost with that new version : in the search input for leaderboards, I could add few players (example : “toto titi tata”), so I could compare to each others. Now, it does not work anymore (since it seems to search for a complete string, not x separate strings)

That’s defenity a good subject, like this we are aware of the new features that will be available soon.

I reallike the contest leaderboard page and the global leader borad object.

Keep going guys!

Ok, I note, thanks!

I really like that kind of logs, you should even considers pinning it and keep a track of all updates for people who want to know what’s new :slight_smile:

I think you forgot to tell that now the special contests (Winamax, Teads, Nintendo) are saved and now grants achievements.

2015-03-10 Sprint Released

  • Update “Onboarding” : Some adjustments to make Onboarding always more accessible for Coding-Newbies !
  • Update “Char Limit” : The characters limit for submitted code was increased from 50k to 100k. No more excuses for not commenting / indenting your code.
  • Update “Pro Tip” : The (in)famous Pro Tip : You can use Ctrl+Enter to launch the last test.’ popup will never be displayed again as soon as you use the shortcut. Pheeew.

  • New feature “Backup code”: It is now possible to save a code for each language for a same puzzle and it should be retroactive ! In short, you can switch languages without losing your previous code.

  • Fix some minor bugs (Solo, Multi, Tooltips…)

  • TOP SECRET STUFF :blush:

That one is good, i couldn’t stand it anymore :slight_smile:

Backup code I just notice coz i was trying to erase my code and couldn’t without clicking the reset button, very nice!

Tease at least a bit on the secret stuff (or PM me, i’m an admin after all :stuck_out_tongue: )

Cool stuffs, nice work everyone

2015-03-24 Sprint Released

  • Update “Share & Replay” : The console output of all visual puzzles (like Onboarding,Thor…) is available when you share a replay (it’s the case even after submit, so it’s easier to debug a validator : ’ Game Information … ').

  • New feature “CodinGame Sync BETA” : Atm, only available for Chrome user (BETA), CodinGame Sync allows you to synchronize an external file with the CodinGame Editor. A post and a FAQ section are specially dedicated: http://www.codingame.com/forum/t/codingame-sync-beta/

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Fix minor bugs


2015-04-07 Sprint Released

  • Teaser : New CodinGame Point Formula. Still time to discuss about : HERE

2015-04-14 Sprint Released

NEW CodinGame Sync 1.0.4: The update will be automatic once Google has validated the new content. If a problem occurs using CGSync, please verify that the plugin and the application are both up to date ( v1.0.4 ) in the chrome://extensions/ tab

  • Update “Puzzle Statement Skin” : Each puzzle with a viewer now has the new statement skin.
    Here is the list of updated puzzles today:
  • Mars Lander - Level 1,2 & 3
  • Skynet: the Virus
  • Heat Detector
  • Indiana - Level 1,2 & 3
  • Skynet strikes back
  • The Labyrinth
  • Skynet: The Bridge
  • Thor VS Giants
  • Triangulation
  • ** Update “Console Output”** : When a new puzzle is launched, the console output in the IDE is now hidden to be able to read the statement more easily.
  • ** Update “CodinGame Sync v1.0.4” ** : The whole plugin infrastructure has been reviewed. The plugin now uses emitted/catched events by CodinGame rather than manipulate the DOM itself (goal is to open source the plugin down the road :smile:) .

  • ** New feature “New Contest Formula” ** : As mentioned by @trnsnt in the dedicated thread, the old formula was kind of unfair, so we updated it. The deployment will be gradual, your rankings/profile page will be updated in the coming days.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • ** New feature “CodinGame Sync v1.0.4” ** : CodinGame Sync now has a home page when we start the application outside of the CodinGame IDE (from the Chrome App Launcher for instance).
    Plus, a loading page was added to enhance the user experience.
    Plus, when the plugin is no longer able to open the local file it will return to factory settings.

  • ** Fix “CodinGame Sync v1.0.4” ** : The fileservlet in the IN/OUT puzzle, like “in.txt” or “out.txt”, no longer conflicts with the plugin.
    Moreover, the ON->Auto-OFF behavior should not appear anymore.

  • TOP SECRET STUFF :blush:

My sound was at max wolume, thanks for the heart attack on mars lander 1 :slight_smile:

Well, it’s an old feature ! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know :astonished: on other note will the ranking system be applied to old contest like don’t panic? I know I can get a few more point there :wink:

EDIT: nevermind, i’ll lose point in fact, but so will those below me :satisfied:

Yes, it will be retroactive

Great news!

2015-04-28 Sprint Released

  • Update “Menu” : New design for the menu. You will be able to change the avatar soon.
  • ** Update “Login” ** : New design for the login page.
  • ** Update “Code Folding IDE”** : The code folding is now activated in the IDE.
  • ** Update “PIXI” ** : The game engine was been updated (v1.6.1 => v3.0.0). The puzzle deployment will be gradual (first used on the “There is no Spoon” contest).
  • ** Update “Report” ** : The time displayed (Answer at +???) in puzzle report has disappeared (since it was bugged) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • ** Update “TV Leaderboard”**: The main leaderboard can play a random game in fullscreen.

  • **New feature “There is no Spoon” ** : The contest There is no Spoon is now available in the puzzle section.
  • **New feature “Help Me” ** : A ‘I need help’ button is now available in the IDE, it redirects the user to the dedicated puzzle thread (new tab).
  • **New feature “Optimization Puzzles” ** : A new type of puzzle appeared ! (Mars Lander - Fuel, Thor 1 - Code Size, Android 1 - Code Size). You can now solve a puzzle then compare your performance given a specific criterion with other players.
    For “Code Size” puzzles all characters count in the total (including spaces, tabs, end of lines).
    For feedback or improvements, use the dedicated thread

  • ** Fix minor bugs (Replay Title/Link not generated, IDE in Internet Explorer , Memory Leak in There is no Spoon)**

  • TOP SECRET STUFF :blush:
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Hey @SaiksyApo,

When clicking ‘I need help’ in Network Cabling puzzle for example it redirects you to ‘topic is private’ forum page, see attached screenshot:

Hmm, when trying to upload the screenshot it says ‘Sorry there was an error uploading this file…’, it’s a png, any idea?

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I don’t know if this is related to the update of Pixi but on some games (There Is no Spoon and Paranoid Android (code size) for example), 1 core is used at 100%. It is now impossible for me to stay on a puzzle more than 30mn, my laptop is burning. This affects particularly Chromium, it seems better with Firefox.

Edit: there are actually several issues here. On Paranoid Android, this is not a graphical issue. When I run the last test, the CPU usage is at 100% while the game is replayed (even without the player displayed) and at the end CG still uses 30% of the CPU for no apparent reasons.

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2015-05-12 Sprint Released

  • ** Update “HTTPS” ** : Codingame now uses HTTPS.
  • ** Update “CG Sync 1.0.5” ** : Added HTTPS support.
  • ** Update “Multi console”** : Performance of console for multi players games has been improved (only one frame displayed at a time when in “play” mode).
  • ** Update “Dart Version”** : Dart is now up-to-date. (v1.10.0)

  • ** New feature "New Features Tips** : A pop-up is now displayed when a new feature is released. You can find it for the first time in the IDE!
  • ** New feature “Char Counter”** : Added a character counter for the Code Size Puzzles.
  • ** New feature “F#”** : Added F# as a new supported language.
  • ** New feature “Lua”** : Added Lua as a new supported language.
  • ** New feature “OCaml”** : Added OCaml as a new supported language.
  • ** New feature “NumPy”** : Added NumPy 1.8.2 for Python2 and Python3 .

  • ** Fix minor bugs (Tutorial with small screen/resize, About Us typo, Clojure error output, Leaderboard TV, Replay of old contests battles, Panels closing button)**

  • TOP SECRET STUFF :blush: