Logging to file or call the web services

I’m interesting in machine learning algorithms. I looks like it is possible to use those algorithms in Ai Bots section. The problem is that machine learning algorithms need to be trained and that mean I need to collect a lot of data to learn algorithm how to react on other bots actions. So the problem is in collecting data. Is it possible to log all bots actions to file and save this file on disk? Or is it possible to call the web service that would save those data on some server?

We are thinking of making it easier to use machine learning techniques in our AI games, but for now it is pretty much impossible to do so.


Why? And Can I help?

A new environment is created every time somebody’s code is run and we’ve denied access to the web from that environment. So we’d have to do some changes to the building blocks of our system to make it possible. We’ve thought about it but we don’t have any official plans for the moment.
Your offer is very kind but as I said, no plans to change anything yet.