Low end PC VS CodinGame.com

Hello everyone !

So I’ve been enjoying codingame.com for some time now and it’s really cool but one aspect is frustrating : I’m using a 2008 netbook to practice coding and while its performance are enough to edit and learn code, it is struggling a lot to render all the animations on the site.

So I was considering buying a cheap replacement mini pc ( like a raspberry pi or an intel nuc ) and I was wondering if any of you could give me some feedback about how those kind of device would handle codingame website.

Thanks for your answers, have fun coding =)

I tried using the site on a Raspberry Pi2 (Raspbian 7, wheezy) with the ditro’s default browser: Epiphany. I cannot recommend it.
It did load the page ok in the beginning, but some inputs are strangely delayed and it felt overall sluggish, although the system itself still responded smoothly and only reported about 18-45% cpu load.
Maybe it is only the browser that has issues, though.

While iceweasel feels a little bit better, input is still slighlty delayed (with some occasional hang ups)

Update 2:
((reloading did also show visualizations in iceweasle))
Apparently there are some problems with the visualzations.
Both (epiphany and iceweasle) seem to get stuck after one round of play (e.g. Smash the Code)
Also the visulaization is painstakingly slow (2 fps for Smash the Code)

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