Lower CompileThreshold JVM param

Many people using java and scala have warmup issues, mostly due to JVM JIT optimisation.
JVM allows to set a param to decrease the JIT threshold : -XX:CompileThreshold

You can find documentation here : oracle JVM options.

Decreasing the value (default: 1500, let’s say: 100) would reduce the number of time a part of code must be called before being compiled by JVM. It should make the code slower to compile but faster to run, hence improving heavy computation and simulation.

Let me know if it sounds feasible, thanks

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You have 1s at the first turn to do all the warmups. It should be enough.

But to prevent this kind of situation, instead of change jvm parameters, they could wait 0.5s before send the first input. This could help warmup all languages…

What is the supposed warmup procedure ? Call each class and each method 1500 times ? It sounds pretty dull :confused:

I use this time to run a Stream command, to load all Stream classes.
If you try to first use Stream at the second turn, for sure you will timeout.

I use this time to create a lot of objects too… Much more than 1.500… To reuse it at the next turns, so, I don’t waste time creating and deleting objects…

You can use this time for whatever you want…