Make it easy to see timeouts in Last Battles

In Contests and Multis it would be very helpful to see in Last Battles which games timed out (which could also mean they crashed). This is a feature that CG Spunk has that I really (really really) like.

Right now it is very time consuming to find timeouts. I have to go through all the games that I lost and check if they have an orange mark on the time bar. If it does, I have to check that this mark is associated with a timeout. (For Code4Life, I could also check that the max rounds where not reached, but that still involves looking at every game I lost.)


I have a personal tool to analyse all my replays after a submit so it’s pretty easy to find timeouts this way. But i can’t publish this tool. Or it will be like CG Spunk : Codingame will add limits to it. And i just don’t want to lose a very useful tool again … The only thing i can say to help you is to code your own tool for that.

I can’t add it to cgstats. Because you need one request for each replay to analyse it. cgstats only do one request to have your last battles page. Making all this requests is pretty slow and can harm codingame website if we are too many people using this.

I find that CGSpunk is usually sufficient to reveal possible timeouts. Unless they occur in a very unusual situation, playing a few dozen matches should catch them.

… And then we rely even more on external tools.
I think the petition is totally valid. For Codingame it’s just pull another boolean to the page and reflect it.


Well, it’s the only solution we got for all features we asked recently. You can wait … like for other any features we asked. But i don’t think it will work better than the other times :smiley: It’s faster to code it yourself.

As you said, your solution isn’t scalable. If every player did that, CG servers could have a problem.
Making petitions and platform suggestions must be independent on how much CG is willing to solve them.
If they are reasonable, it should be noted.
Maybe having a bugtracker (just some bogus project on Github, to add issues) is a better solution than 200 million different posts here and there, too.


I would love to be able to see when my AI timeout or give wrong input.
Find the case when I lose because of AI “crash” is really painful.

The difficulty to get good feedback from our AI match is discouraging to keep going on.

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I play Code Royale now, and it is really annoying to look for timeouts (often caused by exceptions). This feature would be of great value. I bump this topic.
Has any external tool appeared meantime?