Make the IDE's language assistant optional


I really hate IDEs. While I greatly appreciate the work that was done to make it work so well on a web interface, I personally dislike them in general. I went down from Visual Studio, to Notepad++ and finally Vim. Therefore I wonder if it’s possible to just disable the language assistant. It is constantly pausing, unpausing, slowing things down, sometimes getting bugged and needing a page refresh. Can you make it an option (if it doesn’t exist) so I can disable it forever ?



Since I got some likes after writing this, I thought I’d share a partial solution I found. It doesn’t change the fact that the language assistant is annoying.

In the IDE settings, go to the bottom and see there is a way to use an external IDE. That’s perfect for me since I didn’t want to customize my keybindings for the web IDE (I am a Vim user).

From the Chrome Web Store, using CG local (, CG Sync Ext and CG Sync App, you can use whatever local editor and synchronize a single file. I do not know which ones are mandatory, or up-to-date.

Finally, if I understand correctly, by disabling two-way updating, only changes from the local file gets uploaded, and the web IDE gets grayed (you can’t type in it).

Unfortunately the language assistant still runs, which means it is still annoying. Especially with Python where the PEP guidelines cause countless warnings. Who gives a f*** if I don’t have two empty lines before a class declaration, I am prototyping for myself. It’s not a code review.

At first, I thought it didn’t matter since the PEP stuff only showed up in the CodinGame for Work IDE (online recruitement tests). But since this is now interfering with my day-to-day multiplayer bot programming experience, I am glad I found a way to aleviate the pain.

Someone please, let us write stuff in the web IDE but disable the language assistant. It’s slow, generates warnings and errors, when we often don’t care. Let this be optional if possible. Thanks.

I’ve discovered that by blocking the domain (either with your adblocker or by adding an entry to your host file), you effectively prevent the language assist from loading.
It’s a dirty workaround but it works until a proper option is implemented.


I saw this issue mentioned a few times on the forum and I cannot understand why there are no option to turn this damn thing off.

I switched to CG Local just as you did and I’ve never looked back. You are right that it is still annoying that this bloatware assistant is working anyway.

I love this tool but I wish I could turn it off for Clash of Code, especially on golf.

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