Matrix view puzzles vs. languages


when you start programming in multiple languages, you quickly loose track of which puzzle you already solved in which language.

It would be nice to have a view (maybe in the profile ? Or in the details pannel of the puzzle ? Or could be in a new ‘statistics’ panel ?) of which puzzle has been solved in which language.



Agree with colin, this issue also bothers me. However, i think, a proper solution to this problem is not so evident, considering the huge (~30) and growing number of possible programming languages.

To put those languages all into a complex table would result a huge and unmanageable mass. Maybe if only those languages were put into a table which had at least one solution, it would be more clear, but if someone just try 10+ languages, the number of columns would be too large again.

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As we have an Historic view IN the puzzle, is it possible to consider adding an “info” icon showing the list of programming languages used to solve the puzzle directly on the puzzle list ? Or adding icon for each language like trophies or something like that ?

I mean there is a lot of space here, just a sentence saying “Solved with # programming language” can be enough.

And I think this is not the good Category. Must be changed to “Plateform Evolution”

Moved to Platform Evolution.

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Maybe add a Language filter to the puzzle page, so it shows the percentage done part only for that language …

Hey there i’m getting this subject out of it’s tomb since i think there is still an “issue”.

I’m still lost to track wich puzzle is solved with with language.

Is it possible to consider some improvements ?

I’m sorry to tell it’s not really planned in the near future.

However, you can use the tool made by Orabig:

more info:

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Didn’t knew about this tool. Thanks a lot ! Will be enough for now ! :smiley:

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