Mean Max: Suggestions

I really love it, thank you.

I like to be able to switch back to the earlier game modes to tune my bot.

Also I got promoted to the 2nd game after submitting my code to the first.
However today I am also promoted to the 3td game (three bots) without actually submitting my code to the 2nd.

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i’d say this is an issue with all multi player games

Like AntiSquid said, this is an “issue” with all mutli player games.

The Codingame “design” for wood league is that it should be very easy to get out of a wood league.

For example, reaching wood 2 should take you only one line of code (going to any Wreck with a speed of 150 is enough). If you make a more complex code, it’s usual to break multiple wood leagues at once.

The only issue is that sometime people don’t have the time to read the rules. So for new players it’s hard to see what is new or not.

Thank you for the reply.
It makes sense to allow moving up quickly if the bots can handle.

I just wish it would be able to change the settings in order to optimize certain code.
Since I can apply settings from a history, would it not be possibly to apply predefined older game settings?
With all those destroyers, doofs and reapers it is very crowded and makes tuning specific things hard and I tend to re-roll the random of the game to come up with at least something helpful.

EDIT: I like to add one more thing. The manual mode seems to allow a custom seed value. What other options can be used or placed in there?

it depends on which game you’re playing, on mean max only the seed affect the configuration of the game, but some other game like Coder Strike Back have more settings as below :

map=13488 2350 12913 7230 5610 2599 4125 7442

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Great info Frankich, thank you.

I wonder if the developers of Mean Max would add more options to customize the game. Like disable certain features (doof, destroyer) or set the AI to pause to allow free roaming.

Also I noticed Mean Max has no “Discussions” button on it’s page to talk the game, while other games do. How come?

Actually there is no more options to customize the game, I invite you to take a look on the referee (link in statement of the game) and more precisely on the GAME_VERSION variable, which is the current league i assume.

And there is no “Discussions” button but there is a link to the post mortem about feedback on the contest where you could found a lot of informations about it (link on the home page of the game)

You could try to set up the game locally and play it with your own modified rules. Check the game’s repository …

This is quite easy and interesting to do with BotG btw

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how do I get out of wood league 3???

How to get up to legend ligue?
What are the main tricks to do that ?

How can I go towards a Wreck? Does anyone have any solutions to propose?