MIME Type Troubles with Large Dataset

Here is my code for the MIME Types puzzle. It passes every test except for the large dataset. Can I get some help optimizing the code? My current strategy is a 3 dimensional array where the first dimension is the MIME or description (0 or 1), the second is the first letter from the MIME, and the third is the position past there. I did this because a 2 dimensional array without ordering based on first character took too long to search. I am fairly new to java so there may be more efficient techniques than what I am using. Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Removed code. Sorry guys, I’m new here and I wasn’t aware we weren’t allowed to share our full codes. Won’t happen again.

Look into HashMap.

Thank you so much! HashMap was just what I was looking for.

Process Time Out again !!! F**K …
I had this problem in Horses Puzzle and I made it with changing my sort order ( a little trick in fact !!! )
but here we have no sorting or things but it doesn’t pass the Large data set !!!
What’s the problem !!!?
Can any one help plzzzzz !!!? :confounded: