Minecraft: ComputerCraft inspired Lua Puzzles?

Hello CodinGamers!
I’m fairly new to the scene, but I’ve been loving the puzzles on here. Not sure if this is the wrong place to do this, but I wanted to see if any other Lua programmers would want to do some puzzles like this.

There’s a Minecraft mod called ComputerCraft. As it sounds, it adds Lua-programmable computers to Minecraft, as well as robots. This allows really creative ways to automate many of the vanilla factories, but also integrates well with other Minecraft mods.

Basically, there are two divisions of software: actual Computers and Turtles (robots).
The Turtles can be programmed just like a Computer, but they have movement APIs and can carry tools. I mostly use them to auto-harvest my farms in the game, as well as for excavating and tunneling. There’s even a network called RedNet which allows for communication among various Computers and Turtles, similar to a GPS system. I digress…

I just think that the topics which could arise in this type of environment (i.e. optimization, graph traversal, minimization, etc.) are viable enough for puzzles on here, especially for Lua.

Just a thought :blush:

Making automated Farms and mining pits with turtles controlled by a central computer was alot of fun in ComputerCraft

Yes!!! we would probably need CraftOS though, CraftOS isnt pure lua.